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Adult chat salzburg

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The journey begins in lively and historic Munich, Germany, and finishes in Salzburg, Austria, famous for Mozart and culinary delights.I had a great time in Salzburg and the Lake District thanks to the amazing team in Gray Line Munich.I would like to thank especially Patricia and our driver for that day (24/6/17 bus #179) for keeping us safe and for making that day fun and memorable. Hello William, We do apologize for this inconvenience, however we were informed by the boat ride partner on the morning of departure that he won’t offer any boat rides on that day due to the bad weather conditions.We are very sorry for the inconvenience and for the letdown that resulted We will be issuing a partial refund to your account, and will contact you about this offline moving forward.The Gray Line Team The tour guide decided they could not be bothered to go to the Lake District (they came up with three excuses, 1st, that the road was impassable in the weather and then the driver said this was not true, 2nd that the boat would not be running in this weather until they phoned the boat company and they said this was untrue and 3rd that nobody on the trip wanted to go to the lake - which was untrue, they asked only a handful of people).

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