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READ MORE: New York-Centric Doc ‘The First Monday in May’ to Open 2016 Tribeca Film Festival The Tribeca Film Festival has today announced the first half of its stacked (and 101 films strong) feature slate, unveiling 55 titles from its newly created U. Narrative and International Narrative competition sections, along with the Documentary competition selections and the out-of-competition Viewpoints titles.

As part of this year’s festival (its 15th in existence), Tribeca “introduced separate narrative sections for U. and international narratives to strengthen the Festival’s support for American narrative filmmaking and allow the breadth of international filmmaking to be reflected in the program.” The new sections have already paid off, and this slate includes fresh offerings from filmmakers like Sophia Takal, Demetri Martin, Gael Garcia Bernal and Jeff Grace.

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Plus, Aisha and Jordan give Jesse advice on what to say to high school students at his alma mater.

For her and Zweig — with whom she identified to a great extent, just as she had with her favorite author, Rahel Varnhagen (“my closest friend, though she has been dead for some hundred years”) — asserting their pariah status, becoming aware of it and embracing it, was essential.

(printed in New York) on Stefan Zweig and the bygone world of yesterday, namely the world of dreams and illusions of German culture’s bourgeois cosmopolitanism.

As one of its most influential and admired voices, Zweig had been a darling of that world: a world replete with neuroses, psychological mysteries, splendid pleasures, and bewildering anxieties; a world of Egon Schiele and Oskar Kokoschka, of Sigmund Freud and Gustav Mahler, of Ludwig Wittgenstein and Karl Kraus, of Robert Musil and Franz Kafka, of Elias Canetti and Alma Mahler.

A bite of my food would become lodged in my esophagus.

After several hours, and much agony, I was able to dispel the food. As a result I am forced to eat at an abnormally slow pace, chewing thoroughly, and swallowing very small amounts, all while drinking copious amounts of fluids to help wash it down.

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