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After your paid show is completed, refresh your customer home page and you will see a link in the main menu.

The first Arrow ( in the screen shot below) indicates that this is a set up signal.

This is my current switch widget - what do i have to change? These are my complete substream settings; Resolution 704x576Bitrate Type Variable Video Quality Medium Frame Rate 15Max Bitrate 512 Kbps Video Encodeing MJPEGI Frame interval 50 I also tried you url - it behaves exactly as the url that I used - i.e.

It works if I paste it into a browser window, but in Rotini, nothing.

Once this light turns green, than the camera is able to be set up.

This light may flash orange or orange to green before turning solid green.


I want to have a switch to switch off all lights from the whole house if i press it.

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