Dating e cup women

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One woman is a lawyer working for the tech industry and seems unevenly matched with Dev, who now happens to be the host of a competitive cupcake show called .

A few hours later, the pair ended up at his place, where they talked a bit more and met up with his roommate. Bustos sent the single father a text afterward: She'd had a good time, she wrote to Hilarie, and wanted to meet up the following night at his place.

Plot: As the name implies, this episode shows a series of Dev’s first dates, spliced for the viewer into one evening.

The episode opens on a funeral with a woman furiously swiping through her dating app Love At First Sight and matching with Dev.

Dev’s go-to date night spot is a wine bar that evokes the nice-but-still-low-pressure atmosphere necessary to feel confident when you’re not quite sure about the person you’re going out with.

He knows the bartender and requests two glasses of “that light red you poured me the other day,” and gets down to the business of conversation.

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