Jamaican online sex chat

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Jamaican online sex chat

Nairaland Forum / Nairaland / General / Politics / Foreign Affairs / Jamaican Curse/”dirty” Words & Other Curse Words/phrases (411444 Views) ISIS In Iraq Stinks Of CIA/NATO ‘dirty War’ Op / Jamaican Teen Transvestite Stabbed To Death At Street Dance / President Robert Mugabe Gave Jamaican Men A Tongue Lashing (1) (2) (3) (4) these are just some of the jamaican words/phrases i kno Batty – ass Batty bwoy, batty man – a gay person Batty hole – anus, asshole Bloodclaat – curse word ref. Yu rass cleat haad eaz – you are damn stubborn A fuckery [email protected] – that’s f*cked up Rhaatid! Mantel – male Love Peddler Yuh deh pon skunt – you’re talking/doing nonsense A wha yuh feel like – what do you think you’re doing Yuh haunted fassy – you’re feeling crazy No come to me wid them aagiment deh – don’t come to me with that type of story Gunkona – go f*ck yourself! lol @kad-skunt is not a jam word hon- it is mainly used by other carri islands jas say cuntinfant killa- is a woman who has abortions fira fa u- means murder them bun them up literally licky licky- refers to the act let me add to ya list p*ssy hole -stupidsome man behave like them a p*ssy-stupidme sey- i am telling yousuck ya mother- exactly what is saysgo suck ya girl-exactly as it says, these are used as insults- but the majority of ja men do go down wa gwan- how are uthis line of a song i love to bits i think it is really funny-[b]some gal belly hang over like shirt, take care ya self girl no wa wort thats for all the girls with big belly ie fat gal them.

I want to tell them I have found a Sight of outstanding natural beauty. My friend thinks you're hot, and if it's any consolation so do I. Given that God is infinite, and that the universe is also infinite, would you like a shag? GROUND-BREAKING pro-gay reggae singer Mista Majah P has launched a two-part video rebuke to the "homophobic" and "violent" music of Bounty Killer, Sizzla and other top Jamaican reggae and dancehall stars.According to Peter Thatchell of human rights organisation, Peter Tatchell foundation, the Jamaican musician's latest video single Karma is a warning to these artists that the hate and violence they sow will rebound on them; citing the personal "disasters and disgrace" that have befallen many of Jamaica’s leading anti-gay performers.The show was long-established; our themes were our own.Late-night radio was the perfect medium for the conversation – the only medium, I’m convinced, that could be so expansive, digressive, intimate, satisfying, real.

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Featuring rainbow stripes on the cover, the album included 13 tracks, variously in support of same-sex marriage and adoption rights for gay couples, as well as attacks on homophobic bullying and the now defunct US anti-gay military policy, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.