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You’ll find world-renowned restaurants, hotels, cultural institutions and shops in the "City That Never Sleeps." Phoenix is a magnet for tourists who love the great outdoors.Golfers favor its countless world-class courses and nature lovers can't get enough of the desert canyon country.The donation will help keep the show on the air (and your computer) with high quality content each week. We are meeting at Star of India (2900 W Anderson Ln Suite 12D) around pm.We change restaurants periodically and we try to meet at various locations around Austin.In a dark suit with a striped shirt and striped tie, with the tiniest point of a red and blue pocket square peeking out, Oliver seems both professional and kind. His face looks radiantly clean, as if scrubbed, and his ruddy cheeks bring out his bright, clear, friendly blue eyes. It’s stupid.” To Oliver, assault usually isn’t assault. “This here”—he leans over and taps the back of my hand—”is an act of family violence in accordance with their, what they’re doing up there now. For more than an hour, he makes it clear that he wants to be Harris County DA to reduce prosecution of domestic abuse.Just me touching you.” Oliver, 70, has been a criminal defense trial lawyer for about 40 years and he looks the part. As for that one case out of ten—the severe, repeat offender, the one who “really worked her over that second time”—Oliver has a different plan. And he can achieve that [in prison] doing two to ten. He can get all the, he can beat up all the, he can beat his wife up in there.” Oliver laughs.

In July 2016, Jenny filed a federal lawsuit against prosecutors and Harris County, claiming that her constitutional rights had been violated and that her jailing amounted to being "re-raped." Jenny and her attorneys further claimed that the court order - called a "writ of attachment" - used to jail her was illegally obtained.When he talks, which he does a lot, he looks right at me, never glancing away. Although once his phone rings and the caller ID reads “Miss Piggly Wiggly,” Oliver stays focused, gauging my reactions, tweaking his argument as he goes. He’s also a perennial candidate, having run five times (unsuccessfully) in Harris County for judge as both a Democrat and a Republican. In 2012, he beat a highly qualified, heavily favored candidate in the Democratic primary for Harris County district attorney. “And you shoving me doesn’t bother me, it doesn’t offend you, let’s leave it alone. Kim will never put crime victims in jail to secure a conviction. Kim will always comply with Crime Victims’ Bill of Rights which is part of our Texas Constitution. Mentally ill crime victims, like all crime victims, will be treated with dignity and their treatment and condition given consideration in the prosecution of their perpetrator’s cases. Kim will insure that the Crime Victims’ Assistance Coordinator employed by the Harris County District Attorney as a matter of law actually advocates for individual Harris County crime victims and the rights of all crime victims. Kim will create a special dedicated division of prosecutors trained, experienced and fully funded who will be responsible for the prosecution of all sex crime cases in Harris County. Kim will end the constant and needless rotation of prosecutors in Harris County who handle sexual assault cases. Kim will use drug forfeiture funds to eliminate any existing backlogs of rape kits. Kim will adopt national standards for collection and use of evidence as recommended by the American Bar Association and the US Department of Justice to insure that the cases are sound and that the correct individual is charged. KIm will use the powerful position of District Attorney to increase awareness about sexual assault so that reports of sexual assault are encouraged, not discouraged.Prosecutors will be held to an ethical standard of professionalism and transparency deserving of the job of representing the people of the state of Texas and accountability will start at the top of the organization.

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