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Totally  extramarital dating

It is really helping me; I have just discovered that my husband had an emotional affair with his colleague.We talked about it and my husband apologised and promised it will not happen again. Every time I try to discuss the affair trying to understand the reason why it happened he becomes angry and says if I cant trust him I should trust GOD and stop digging graves because the affair is in the past and we should leave it there.My problem is that my husband is expecting me to act as if nothing happened and I don’t feel that he understands the extent of the damage he has caused to the trust I had for him. Sometimes I feel strong and believe that we are moving forward and there are days when I feel angry and insecure and sometimes I just burst out and cry. We went to our minister for counselling and he prayed for us but if we can’t touch the topic at home in order to ensure that it does not happen again, and see what we can do differently, we are pretending to each other that things are fine or they will automatically be fine.

She is now working on a new book, provisionally called I recently met with Perel in the downtown New York apartment she shares with her husband and two sons. You feel the deep sorrow and grief and rage that come with losing the most important person in your life.Yes, you manage to limp along during this long, slow slide to the end, but barely. Maybe at the hospital, maybe at your support group. There’s no way to know just how many spousal caregivers become involved in "well-spouse affairs" — extramarital relationships that bloom during a partner’s debilitating or terminal illness.This person understands what you’re going through, probably because he or she has been there, or is there right now. Most people are reluctant to admit they cheat, even when pollsters promise anonymity.So who’s going to fess up to pulling a John Edwards or a Newt Gingrich, tumbling in the sheets with someone else while his or her spouse is seriously ill or dying?

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